Websites technical support

Development time from 2 weeks

Website support is one of the most important conditions for ensuring its security, as well as its attendance and functionality. Science and technology do not stand still, so every day there are more and more new, interesting and promising web technologies, and in addition to this and new viruses, Trojans and cybercriminals, which can encroach on your website.

How to provide the website with a constant and dense flow of visitors? The answer is very simple – the website needs to be updated! The update concerns not only the program part, but also the content of the website – new text materials, photographs, images and video content. The more interesting for the user information posted on the website, the greater will be the flow of users. The Studio “Leon” team offers a service to support your websites on a regular basis, as well as filling the website with content. Our experts will not only serve your website, but also provide it with quality content to ensure the maximum flow of visitors.

Why do we offer such service? It is very simple – not all web resource owners have time to maintain and develop them. In addition, why to hire and pay for the services of a specialist to maintain one or two websites, train him, acquaint him with the device of the resource, when it is possible to order maintenance of the website from specialists who have been engaged in this for many years.

In addition, you do not need to solve different complicated questions yourself. Why to study the administrative panel of the website, understand the types of content, suffer with its creation and addition, and delve into the technical “jungle” of the website? After all, all these duties can be outsourced! Entrust the website to the Studio “Leon” professionals.

The Studio “Leon” offers comprehensive maintenance and maintenance of the website:

  • Filling the website with interesting content;
  • Website technical support and its service;
  • Maintenance of the website, updating CMS, modules and website plug-ins;
  • Prompt elimination of problems and errors.
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