Commercial & Corporate video production

Development time from 3 days

Studio Leon was established in 2011 by Oleg Bugai. Since then, our studio has expanded to include a specialist team of producers, animators, editors, creative directors and camera operators.

Studio Leon is a leading video production Kyiv company. We offer full video content services from beginning to end. Together, we create creative videos for our growing client base around the world.

We specialize in a video, an animation and social campaigns for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TIK TOK, LinkedIn. Our film crews shoot in any location and are experienced at capturing memorable, engaging videos. We can assist you to create spectacular company videos that can be used for social media marketing campaign.
The cost of editing a video clip, Reels from $25 per minute!

Rely on professionals with all your commercials and you will see the result soon!

Leave an application for free calculation of your video in Adobe After Effects