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Logo creation

Firm logo is a company’s face. The Studio Leon team proposes you service of creation and development of qualitative, beautiful and remembering logo. A corporate logo must be bright and evident and it should inspire confidence in the company. That is why, the creation of a logo is better to entrust to the professionals of the Studio Leon.

Branded business card design

A business card is a reflection of the company’s image. Even if you have a small business – a qualitative and attractive business card will help to make a good impression on your partners and customers. The Studio Leon designers will develop and pay your attention to several varieties of corporate design of business cards, and you will be able to choose the one that you liked mostly. Moreover, if necessary, we are always ready to finalize the design and make changes according to your preferences.

Development of design of the letterhead

What is better – to read the text of the contract on a plain sheet or to give your partner or client an agreement printed on an attractive form? The answer is obvious – customers and partners want to see nice, well designed letterheads!

Branded design of the folder

Documents printed on qualitative letterheads have no place in gray and boring office folders. The development of the folder design enhances the image of the company. In addition, you can once again remind the client or partner that he is dealing with a serious company that values ​​its image.

Booklet design

Branded booklets are the simplest and probably one of the most effective ways to speak about the company’s services. That is why all corporate brochures should have a high quality and attractive design. Customers will not read the information on the booklet, printed on plain office paper, and even in black and white ink. The staff of the Studio Leon offers the service of developing a quality and memorable design for the booklets of your company.

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