Search Engine Optimization

Development time from 2 weeks

Searching website’s optimization or e-Commerce in searching systems

Search engine promotion in such networks as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter is a unique possibility to inform about your brand or company as quickly as possible! Using the social network’s viral mechanisms and the practical experience of the Studio Leon team, we will help to promote your website as quickly as possible and increase its attendance level by potential buyers.

Keywords for the website promotion

Keywords are the basis of search engine promotion. To promote the website, you need to find and explore keywords (search queries) for the semantic kernel. Keywords are selected or created by the goods analysis or services of the company, analyzing the statistics of the search engine and the website, competitors in the market and seasonality of keywords. That is, we form key Google-words queries, which are most often used in search engine optimization and necessarily include them in text, description or blog. Thus, understanding the statistics of requests from customers, we help them find your website.

Searching website optimization

Search engine optimization of a website and SEO-optimization of a website is an internal work on your website, so it will be better to find search engines on the network. In addition, it is writing the semantic kernel and selecting the best combinations, visualizations and details of the website for its facilitation, quick loading and machine understanding, which is important for search engine optimization.

Promotion of website in TOP of Google

Website’s search engine optimization improves its position in the search engines, which increases the number of visitors to the website and the increase in the number of purchases. Clients find it easier to find a website that is in the top level of the query.

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