Corporate websites creation

Development time from 3 weeks

Creation of corporate website

The Studio LEON team will create a qualitative representative business-site with matching firm style which will show your activity and inspire the consumer’s confidence.

Creation of corporate website with the exclusive author’s design

The corporate website creation will become a highlight, which is profitable, will fully describe all the information about your company in one page of the capture. The Studio LEON designers will create for you the author’s design of the website. It’ll allow to promote your business in a very effective way.

The managing system of corporate website (CMS)

Managing skill are very important for a full-fledged usage of all site’s possibilities. We use the content-system WordPress (elastic and multifunctional system which works with HTML5 and CSS3), as the one best of the best platforms all over the world. CMS (Content Management System). It allows to any user to become the administrator quickly.

Technical task develop

The Studio LEON team with you together will agree a technical task for the creation of your corporate website. Together we’ll be able to write down the basic technical requirements which the corporate website should solve, we shall plan the development and do all the preferences about the website. A new business begins from the business plan and a new website with the qualitative technical task.

Domain and hosting registration

Domain and hosting registration is a beginning of full life of your website and we know how to create a domain and in a rate of hostings to choose the best hosting for every client. A huge corporate or one-page site begins with the hosting.

The best selling texts and content

Our professional content managers will write the best selling texts and content fill your website with qualitative content, including your desires exactly and in time. For optimization of the websites the Studio LEON team will make the content analysis and choose the keywords for qualitative selling text in social networks. Our texts will help to impress upon the potential clients with your business ideas.

Advertising campaign

For completeness of the advertising campaign and promotion of your corporate website, we propose to create an advertising campaign in Google Adwords and Facebook. Contextual advertising with Google Adwords and Facebook is a reliable way of promotion and popularisation of your corporate website, which is especially important if you are creating a new business.

Cross-browser compatibility

The cross-browser service is a complex of website and checking, its optimization for its correct displaying in the main searching systems and browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others. We’ll also set up your corporate website for displaying on mobile devices.

Website testing

The website testing is a logical finish of the work and analysis of works connected with technical tasks by our developers. Also it is an ability to check all the key points and to make your business website better according to your preferences.

Website traffic

The Studio LEON team will install for your corporate website the Google Analytics codes for indexing all the visitors to your website. The Google Analytics counters will accurately track all unique users and with their help of which you will be able to organize advertising campaigns in an effective way. The development of new business or the strengthening of positions of already established one is impossible without the collection of statistical data.


The website subscription is a convenient function of collecting your customers’ online contacts and alerting them with digests and other information about launching new products or services, some promotions. Subscription is a great way to collect contacts and remind customers about your news.

Feedback form

The feedback form on the website is a good opportunity for your customers to ask a question, leave feedback, thank or in any way mark your desire to be closer to customers. This causes trust and loyalty of the grateful client. Also, you can moderate the feedback and remove the negative reviews about the company in social networks which are possible.

Road map

Road map helps to find the place where your company or any location of service provided is situated. Having installed the road map on the website, you clearly show the client your openness, the possibility of direct communication, the receipt of goods and services not only through the website.


Slider is a great graphical possibility to underline the main profitable goods positions and service, to make an accent on the best propositions of your company in bright photos and dynamic form. In this way you will have as new clients as business-partners.


The photo gallery on the corporative website is always one of the most visited sections. We will help to create it in a proper way, teach you how to manage a photo gallery, add the already updated information into it. The photo gallery is able to decorate any business website.


By setting the “Respond” function on your corporative website, you allow the buyer to leave his or her opinion about the product or service, which shows an increasement of confidence to him and enables the person to express his gratitude. In addition, you can moderate a possible negative one without publishing it.

Online consultant

Online consultant is an excellent feature on the corporative website, which helps your client to choose and buy exactly what he needs. It is online consulting that will advantageously emphasize your desire to help the client and discard your competitors.

Social networks

The Studio LEON team will help you to socialize your corporative website in the main social networks depending on the wishes of the client: Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and many others according to your preferences, which will advantageously represent your company and your corporate website in social networks.

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